Here's My Canada - Video Challenge


Manitoba Arts Exhibit and Research

Chantal Kreviasuk

Fred Penner

Official Website and Biography

Wikipedia Biography

4. Jackson Beardy

Jackson Beardy Art

Northern Artists

Northern Games

How to Throat Sing - Demonstration Video

Madeleine Allakariallak: Throat Singer

Susan Aglukark - Northern Singer

Government of Canada - M.P's, MLA's, & Council Members

Parliament Building.jpg
Manitoba Leg..jpg
City Hall.jpg

Steinbach Candidates: Provincial Election April 19th, 2016

Kelvin Goertzen: Progressive Conservative
Kathleen McCallum: NDP
Dakota Young-Brown: LIberal
Liberal Promises

Geography of Canada

1. Provinces/Territories and Capitals

Sheppard Place.gif

2. Physical Regions of Canada


Physical Regions of Canada Videos

3. Extra Websites for Physical Regions of Canada

Physical Regions.gifCanada's Geographic Regions

geographic.jpg Canada's Geographic Regions + Videos


train-mountain_1824345b.jpgJourney Through the Regions of Canada

Exploring Manitoba and Nunavut

Nunavut Facts

Nunavut-Tourism.gifNunavut Weather

nunavutellesmere.jpgQuick Facts about Nunavut (population, size, etc...)

freeresource.pngNeat Facts about Nunavut!
Explore Explore the regions, meet the people and explore the arts!
Nunavut-Tourism.gifThings to do, places to see and people to meet... All about Nunavut!
canadian Find a list of animals found in Nunavut here!

Manitoba Facts

britantic.pngManitoba Climate
hsg.jpgPopulation of Manitoba cities and towns (2006)
Manitoba Population, culture, weather, land and more!

Manitoba Fun Facts

freeresource.pngFacts about Manitoba: population, major lakes and more!
canadian Find a list of animals found in Manitoba here!
prairies.jpgThe Land: Information about the Canadian Prairies
Manitoba Arts.jpgThe Arts in Manitoba
Canadian artists.jpgThe Arts in Manitoba, plus some cultural festivals too!

The People of Manitoba

How do people get around in Manitoba?
Is there a difference between necessary (every day) and leisurely (for fun) transportation?

How do we have fun in Manitoba?
List of Manitoba Festivals

How many different cultures are there in Manitoba? What languages to they speak?

List of cultures by language they speak

The North: Polar Bear Non-Fiction Project

dv.jpgDavid Suzuki: Polar Bear Fact Sheet

ngk.jpgNational Geographic Kids: Polar Bears
kidzone.jpgKid Zone: Polar Bear Facts
Presentation1.jpgDiscovery Kids: Polar Bears